while collecting better data and driving faster resolution times with Just Help.  The Just Help agent collects over 15,000 data points while a user is describing his or her issue, allowing for improved support staff response efficiency. In many cases, the need to contact the user for additional information is eliminated.

Streamlined Experience

Streamline the entire support experience with Just Help. Users can quickly launch the Support Scout application, describe their issue, choose to attach screenshot(s), and click submit

Useful Troubleshooting Data

While the Just Help agent is open, over 15,000 data points about the user’s workstation, are collected automatically. Useful data such as hard disk, memory, network, and CPU utilization as well as installed updates, applications, and logs is available immediately

Save Time & Resources

Just Help helps information technology staff answer vital troubleshooting questions through immediate data collection, reducing call-backs while increasing issue resolution efficiency.

Just Help Console